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Cloud Nine Rings - 65mg THC

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Cloud Nine Rings with 50 mg Delta 8,  and 15 mg Delta 9.


Our Cloud Nine Rings are our customers' favorite edibles. They are tasty and remind us of our favorite childhood gummies. Only that these ones have  a special kick to them. They will make you feel relaxed as if you float on cloud nine. Delta 8 is reported to help greatly with pain and sleep. Delta 9 is said to have positive effects and will make you feel calm, relaxed and ready to rest and let go of a stressful day! The two THC-s combined work very well together. Delta 9 compliments the Delta 8 and mellows it out. The Delta 9 will make it feel as if the Delta 8 lasts longer. The Delta 9 adds the necessary relaxation for your body whereas the Delta 8 gives you the right feeling for your mind so you can relax and sleep. You will not wake up with a hangover, but feeling very relaxed and refreshed and ready for the day. 

These goodies are sure to be a bright and relaxing “high” spot in your hectic daily life! Plan for a very, very late breakfast. Our “Pocket Packet” are for those on the go, 650 mg, 10 count at 65 mg per gummy.

Dosage Recommendation:
If you are new to Delta 8/9 edibles, we recommend starting with a third of a gummy and increasing your dosage as needed to fit your daily stressful routine. Do not drive or operate heavy equipment when taking Delta 8/9 products. Don't consume when pregnant.

Suggested Use: Take 1/3 to 1/2 of a ring to start out with. If it is the first night you are taking it, we recommend you take it at least 2 hours before you want to sleep, maybe even three hours. We suggest this so you can experience how our Cloud Nine Rings make you feel like. This way the next day, you will be better able to decide whether you should take a bigger or smaller does, or maybe even the dose you took the first night was absolutely perfect. Then just continue that way.

Customer Reviews

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Nimi Hannah

Cloud Nine Rings - 65mg THC

Mark Novak
Love my CBD Rings

Finding the right edibles for us was important. Our gummies from Leaves of Eden was the perfect fit for us. Taste is incredible and the effects are just what we were looking for!!! Highly recommend Leaves of Eden

V Parker
Continued effectiveness

Freshest gummies great flavor.

Dana Morson
Can't go wrong with Cloud Nine Rings

This is one of the only products I have found that actually help when I need to relax and sleep. Doesn't leave me groggy the next day! I will make sure I do not run out!

Can’t thank you enough

Came across you me business at a street festival while visiting in Huntsville. My mother and her sister are both amputees and surfers from nerve damage. I gave my mother half of a ring the first night and she sleep more soundly in that one night verses the past years of restless night due to nerve pain. The next she wasn’t feeling any lingering side effects. She even said she felt like she had more energy because she was no longer aching. After monitoring my mom for a week only eating half, I decided to let her sister try. She called me the next asking me to order her some. So needless to say I have a subscription to your company. Also I purchased the cbd for my 2 dogs. They do well just from 1/4. They have separation anxiety and are very hyper at times, but this keeps them at a great level of calm and I don’t have to give them any every day. So again I can’t thank your company enough.

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