Our Wholesale Process

Our goal is to introduce as many people as possible to the benefits of CBD. Wholesale Partnerships with Leaves of Eden CBD is one of the ways we make our mutual vision a reality. We share in the successful ideas of our partners, and we’re dedicated to making the Wholesale Process as seamless as possible.

These are the initial steps to becoming a Leaves of Eden CBD partner.

Step One: Decide If Leaves of Eden CBD Is the Best Partner for You

We encourage our partners to have done their research to ensure that their goal and mission are in alinement with those of Leaves of Eden CBD. Please spend some time learning more about the quality of the products we provide. Review our lab reports, read through our product descriptions, and go over some of the other educational materials we offer. Once you understand our commitment to supplying the best Organic CBD products available, we can move on to step two.

Our product's prices are very competitive when compared to other products which contain the same amount of CBD per unit.

More specifically, when you break down the cost per mg (milligram) you will determine that Leaves of Eden CBD pricing is very competitive and one of the best certified organic wholesale options available.

Step Two: Apply to become a Wholesale Partner.

Complete the short application to apply to our wholesale CBD program. You’ll let us know a bit about you, your business, and your experience with CBD products. Our team will review your application and quickly respond to let you know if you’ve been accepted. Once you’ve been accepted as a potential wholesale client, continue to step three.

Step Three: Setting you up for a Wholesale Partnership

Once accepted, you’ll receive a personalized code. You’ll enter your code to log in to our Wholesale Leaves of Eden CBD website.

Step Four: Shop

Review all our products to determine which items you’d like to include in your first wholesale CBD order. We do have a minimum purchase amount, and we don’t have a minimum for product quantity. You can order any number of items you’d like if the total comes to at least $250 after any applicable discount. You have the flexibility to choose how many of each item you’d like to order at any given time. 

Step Five: Place Your Order

Once you have decided on your items, you continue to checkout. Enter your wholesale code to receive your wholesale discount. We offer programs with additional percentage discounts for larger quantity orders. Please contact your support representative for details. Continue to "shipping" and enter your preferences. Ground USPS shipping is on us, but you do have the option to purchase express shipping for expedited service.

We offer excellent customer service from our support team. We are always available for questions and general support. Whether you need a replacement for a customer return, have any questions about our products, or want to learn more about additional discounts we offer, our team is ready to help.

Let’s get started; fill out our wholesale CBD application or get in touch with our wholesale team at info@leavesofedencbd.com. We are looking forward to working with you!