About our Company

We created Leaves of Eden to give consumers CBD products that really work. We utilize the best organic CBD oil available. We ourselves, our families, and our friends are all using our CBD products. It is important to us to have a product we can sell, use and recommend with confidence. 

Not only are we using the best CBD oil available, but we also selected all other ingredients with great care and your health and wellness in mind. Our carrier oil is coconut oil. Coconut oil is a medium-chained-triglyceride. We have considered personal dietary needs and goals when selecting our carrier oil, sweeteners, and natural flavoring. 

We craft the finest American Certified Organic CBD products at a price that is affordable to everybody. Only the highest quality ingredients are used when crafting our CBD tinctures and products. Our brand stands for the highest quality, the best ingredients. There are less expensive CBD products out there, we know. But how confident are you that those products are clean and safe, and beneficial to you? We are, after all, what we eat and drink and what we allow to enter our bodies. 

Finding your way through the labyrinth of available CBD products is difficult enough. Making sure that a CBD product does not compromise your other health goals can be challenging. We try to eliminate those doubts by providing a safe CBD product that uses only the finest, most natural ingredients. 

For that reason, our CBD oil is consciously crafted with the highest-quality ingredients.

We source the highest grade, select strain, organically grown American hemp and utilize solventless Co2 supercritical, clean extraction methods. Leaves of Eden’s products are certified organic, free of GMOs, gluten, pesticides, other contaminants, and heavy metals. 

Be assured that our USDA Certified Organic products are the pinnacle of five-star CBD manufacturing and well above industry standards. Our collaboration with organic farmers and holistic formulation specialists ensures that our products can pass the highest industry standards of USDA Organic Certification. We want to create meaningful partnerships with our customers. Together with you, we want to improve your sense of well-being. Leaves of Eden CBD is grounded in our belief that CBD can positively impact our quality of life.

Welcome to the family, welcome to the Leaves of Eden family! Enjoy, indulge and explore our line of CBD products made by people who love and live the CBD life. We share our products with our friends and family and encourage you to do the same.