Certified USDA Organic Hemp for Wellness

Certified USDA Organic Hemp for Wellness

Hemp products are growing in popularity. You can find dozens of CBD brands with a quick Google search. But what do you know about these companies? Have you ever stopped to wonder where each one cultivates its plants? Hemp roots are powerful and can absorb everything in the soil—good or bad. The only way to know what's in the ground is to test it. That is why USDA-certified organic hemp is becoming more popular. Sourcing organic, sustainable hemp is vital. Let's look at the benefits of organic hemp, why companies are choosing to become certified, and how it benefits you!

What is Organic Hemp, and Why is it Important?

By definition, USDA-certified organic hemp is grown without artificial chemicals, pesticides, or fertilizers. Brands with the designation cultivate it in a sustainable and beneficial way to the soil, air quality, water quality, and the ecosystem. Instead of depleting the environment, organic hemp is good for it.

Certified USDA organic hemp provides companies with a high-quality product that can be used. Also, knowing that the hemp is USDA-certified organic means you can feel confident about the potential benefits of the product you are purchasing. Finally, the standards of USDA organic certification mean that companies cannot use any GMO seeds, which is essential to some consumers.

Using Pesticides and Fertilizers in Hemp Production

A few decades ago, hemp was only cultivated for industrial reasons, such as making fiber. Many farmers used chemical agents to improve crop yield. The landscape changed when legalizing hemp for wellness became a possibility. Today we know more about hemp and how well its roots absorb nutrients and all other additives in the soil. This makes their use in hemp cultivation incompatible with wellness products.

The plants can absorb pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides, and it compounds the dangers when you process hemp for CBD oil. So what is the harm in using pesticides and fertilizers? You would never want to ingest, inhale, or rub those products into your skin. 

The chemicals in pesticides and fertilizers can damage your health at best and are hazardous for your life at worst. Many worry about the effects on the environment. Would you take a chance with your family's health? Certified USDA organic hemp is the only way to ensure that your product is safe and has not been treated with chemicals.

CBD Brands Being Organic is an Investment in Our Planet 

Companies choosing to become USDA organic certified give off a few positive vibes. First, they're investing in healthier products for the environment and consumers. Another reason companies invest in USDA organic hemp cultivation is because it provides them with a high-quality product.

When you choose a certified USDA organic hemp company, you work with companies that care about your wellness and the planet. This is a win-win-win for manufacturers, consumers, and the earth. Imagine how many companies would follow suit if every person purchased certified USDA organic hemp.

Until that day comes, it is up to us to make the right decisions. Where do your hemp products come from? Are you willing to make the investment in certified USDA organic hemp for wellness?

How Do the USDA Certify Hemp products?

A growing area must be free from the use of prohibited substances for at least three years to become USDA certified organic. To ensure that the fields meet the requirements, you must submit soil samples to an accredited laboratory. After reviewing the information, they'll send back a report showing any prohibited chemicals.

Growers undergo the certification process annually. Also, you must allow inspectors to visit your site and conduct a thorough review. Besides the soil analysis, they will look at your water supply and land management practices to ensure you follow all the USDA organic regulations.

Because of the yearly certification process, we offer our customers a guarantee that our products are safe and grown sustainably. Besides minimizing the environmental impact, it is beneficial to our employees. They're less likely to be exposed to toxins and feel more confident about their work.

Also, we can't sell our certification. The label is non-transferable and serves as a quality assurance to our customers. They can be confident knowing that we hold ourselves to the highest standards and provide only the best products for them.

What Do I Need to Know Before Purchasing a CBD Oil Product?

Do you want to enjoy the many benefits of hemp? You should only use USDA-certified organic CBD oil to ensure that it's from a natural source and safe for consumption. Again, you'll want to make sure the company has a transparent process for extracting CBD oil from hemp and that you know how much THC is in the product.

The processes used to extract CBD oil can leave behind traces of solvents, heavy metals, and other impurities that damage your health. Some companies use dangerous chemicals to extract CBD oil, like ethanol. Instead, choose a brand that uses supercritical CO2 extraction. This method is safe, effective, and preserves most compounds in the plant.

The best companies will have test results for all their oils, so you can see that the product is free from toxic solvents. Most reputable companies will also have certificates of analysis (COA) available for you to view. That way, you can make sure the CBD oil is pesticide-free before it leaves the warehouse. The COA also ensures the label and product match, so you know the concentration is accurate, and it meets the legal definition of hemp, limiting the THC to 0.3%.

The investment in certified USDA organic hemp for wellness is a victory for everyone. If you want to enjoy the many benefits of CBD oil or any other product made from this natural material,

choose a company that has undergone certification. You deserve to have an enjoyable experience while still improving your well-being!

At Leaves of Eden, we provide our customers with safe products grown sustainably without using dangerous chemicals like ethanol extraction methods because we care about how what goes into your body affects every aspect of life—from work performance to family time.

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